Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Man’s stumbles on the road of life are not defeat but simply delays to success. It’s God’s way of making us humble and makes the triumphs that much sweeter. 11/1995

That's what I heard in my ear as I woke up in the middle of the night that November. I've never forgotten it. It has always been a beacon of hope when times are rough. We all have those moments when we wonder, why are we hitting our heads up against a brick wall? Writers have those times more than the average population, I think, because rejection comes not as a thief in the night but a sometimes not very courteous note in the mail or "not for me" comment on e-mail.

But this is what I know. If I can't believe in myself, than why is anyone else going to? Because when I do succeed, and I probably do that more, too, than the average person, I feel like telling all those who rejected me, "sorry you didn't get a chance to work with me."

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