Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'll Share My Good News with You!

Yesterday evening, I accepted and signed a contract with Turquoise Morning Press for the publication of my first solo women's fiction/suspense, Coming to Climax. I am beyond excited, And so, in celebration,I have posted the beginning of a short story and hope you'll help me finish it by eight tomorrow morning, EST. Every person who submits a segment will have his or her name placed into a drawing for a copy of my newest fantasy release,It's Magic and the segment selected as the best one will receive a copy of my new book, Coming to Climax when it is released plus a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card now.

See more about Turquoise Morning Press at www.TurquoiseMorningPress.com, and check out my fantasy release at www.CrescentMoonPress.com/Books/ItsMagic.html.

Here's the short story beginning:


He signed the note, penned on the finest stationery, and carefully placed it in the center of the desk blotter. Turning, he surveyed the room and its contents, committing them to eternal memory. Inhaling, he smiled at the smell of lemon furniture polish and the burning cinnamon scented candle. It was perfect. He walked down the hall, and, two rooms down, strode through the door. Opening the waiting can of gasoline, he splashed it in the room. Striking a match, he threw it on the trail of fuel. It flared and spread closer. He wasn’t prepared for the smell of burning flesh.

“Find anything?” I stood outside the charred remains of the town house. “Hell of a blaze. If the firemen hadn’t gotten here as fast as they did, there might not have been any part of the house left.”
“Okay, Detective Roper, you have your work cut out for you this time.” Greg Tritt pointed to the windows on the second floor. “The vic was upstairs in the TV room, Zeke.” He shook his head. “Nothing there to identify. Not even dental remains. We did find this.” He handed me the note. “Dr. Curtis Frank’s suicide note. The edges are burned, but it’s legible.”
“A bit too perfect, don’t you think?”

Now it's up to each of you to add some...


  1. Okay, there are lots of people looking. I can see you on my counter. Somebody take the plunge. What happened here? What if?

  2. Acrid scents from the smoking embers surrounded me. So much waste in what had once been a luxury townhouse. More than material waste because a human life was lost.

    Slowly I picked my way across the foyer and eased my way to the stairs. The firemen's arrival prevented the blaze's spread but heat seeped through my shoes and blasted me. I was grateful I wasn't a fireman and only had to deal with places like this after the inferno was contained.

    When I reached the room in which the victim had been found, a team of arson investigators was already at work. I recognized one of them.

    Mark Vincent looked up as I edged my way across what remained of the bedroom floor. "No way was this suicide. "This guy--whoever he was--did not start this fire."

  3. Okay, great post! Come on folks. Next try.

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  5. Blank. My mind went completely blank. I guess I am too tired from work. :( I really wish I would have tried before. *deep breath* Here is my try. I have been trying to post this for the last hour. :(

    “That is exactly what I was thinking myself. It does seem a bit too nice and neat.” I agreed. “Well except for the mound of burned flesh up there. Nothing nice nor neat ‘bout that.” I knew I shouldn’t be talking about the dead like that but I guess I had been in the job too long. I was jaded; nothing surprised me anymore, not even this. I let a frown form on my face.

    “What’s next Detective?” Greg asked me breaking into my thoughts.

    “How do we know that the body is in fact Dr Frank’s? You said it yourself, nothing is identifiable. What if this corpse belongs to someone else?”

    “Come on Detective, this is cut and dry. I know it’s boring as fuck but let’s leave this as ‘it is what it appears to be.’ And it appears to be that some guy torched himself.”

    “That is the part I have issue with Greg. Who does that? Suicide fine, but take a pill, hang yourself, shit take a 9mm and blow your brains out. But this? This is just *crazy.*”

    I studied the note through the plastic of the evidence bag. “I want this checked for prints and get a handwriting analyst in; I want to make sure this is even written by the Doc.”

    “I think you are making this into something it’s not.” Greg called after me as I made my way up the stairs.

    I turned. “Maybe, but where else are we going to start? Some guy sets flame to himself no motive, where am I supposed to start?”

    He shrugged. “Guess you’re right.”

    When I reached the landing the strong smoke was stronger up here and I pulled a white linen handkerchief from my pocket putting it to my nose and mouth. I could see the blackened TV room but decided to go the other way.
    Two doors down I stopped in front of an already opened door. I inhaled deeply almost coughing on the acidic smell of the smoldered inferno but beneath that I smelled a hint of Cinnamon. I stepped into the room as a wave of nostalgia hit me.

    Oh Doc. I thought as the place where my heart was grew tight. Why would you do this to yourself? I fought the urge to sink to the floor in sobs telling myself, not here and not now. I couldn’t let the guys see me. Nobody could know, not ever.

  6. Great job, Casse. Now that I realize all too late no one had the link but people who know me, I'll post for one more day before awarding prizes.

  7. Well, I had my largest viewing audience ever, but looks like only two brave soul wished to post. Now I'll get with them to see how we can divide up the booty.