Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to the Happy Daze Diner

Hi, folks, take a seat in the Happy Daze Diner and let Trix get you a house special icebox lemon pie and some sweet tea. You say you just came in from the snow? Oh, that’s right, the South does have a bitter front going through. No problem, I have the Blue Plate Special too, slow cooking pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans made from some out of my very own freezer. Of course if you’re a vegetarian, not that I think it’s normal, I was after all brought up a true salt pork and ham hock Southern girl, I can make you a veggie plate. Coffee’s on the house.

Now for those of you who are confused, this is Bobbye Terry’s blog. She’s just busy right now writing the sequel to my sister, Roxie’s and my first novella, “Buried in Briny Bay.” I told Rox I was going to sneak in here and introduce myself. Trixie Frye here. As you can see, I own this diner. I’m married to Floyd Frye, my very own couch potato when he’s not working as a barber at his shop. Of course even at work he can watch TV, which does make me ponder how good his haircuts really are. Never mind, enough about Floyd. He is an albatross I have to bear. I shouldn’t subject him on others.

Now about Bobbye, she’s not much on publicity, which is why I sneaked in here, but my sister and I know all the ropes. After all, I have this diner and Roxie runs the Marriage with Style Bridal Boutique. Poor Rox, always a bridal consultant, never a bride. Okay, she did up and marry a fella more than twenty years ago but he ended up dead in the most curious manner. I don’t want to spoil the first book, so please excuse me for not sharing all the details. That feels a mite strange, cause it’s not like me at all. The price one has to pay for being in a book. Oh, well.

About the book, novella, that is, it’ll be in electronic form and published by Turquoise Morning Press March 14th. “Buried in Briny Bay” takes place in the fine town of Briny Bay, North Carolina, just off the Pamlico Sound. Normally, nothing much happens in Briny Bay, but starting with Roxie’s supposed alien abduction (not that I’m buying it) and now with the death of her nemesis, Georgia Collins, at the beginning of the novella, I’d say things are going to get a whole lot hotter around here.

Speaking of hot, did I mention we have a newcomer to Briny Bay, Greg Norris, hunky P.I.? He does make Roxie’s heart go pitty pat. But, I swear the woman moves slower than Floyd on Sports Sunday. Don’t know if she’ll even know how to move down the right path, so we’ll just have to see.

Whoops! Just heard Bobbye coming this way, so better skedaddle. Uh, this visit’s just between us, okay? *Wink wink* That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Bye!


  1. Bobbye, you're publishing faster than I can read. Just got the three new ones on Amazon, now will skip over to Turquoise and get this one.

  2. Not yet, Caroline. It comes out on March 14. ;) Who knows? Some more of my pesky characters may show up here first. Thanks for buying my books!
    FYI, folks, the books Caroline referred to on Amazon are Mr. Wrong, Fat Chance and Intimate Investor, romantic comedies under my pseudonym, Terry Campbell.