Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Honor of 9/11


A teardrop fell upon the ground,

The day the New York towers came down.

For evil came to town that day,

And tried to kill the light that way.

So God dispensed his angels there,

To ride with firemen in their hair,

To help the trapped to find a door,

And pray for dogs to find some more.

But most of all they brought their hope,

To all the sad, unhappy folks,

And wrapped them all in God’s true love,

So they could vanquish evil ones.

Lady Liberty stood her ground,

While patriotism swelled in towns.

Then hope and love diminished fear,

And strength grew with each passing year.

The evil didn’t win that day,

It couldn’t keep the light at bay.

The spirit rose among us all,

And vanquished evil, made it fall.

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