Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Bones about it-SKELETON IN A DEAD SPACE is Great

Award-winning historical novelist makes a fine debut in the mystery field with SKELETON IN A DEAD SPACE.  Alter gives readers a twisty plot, excellent use of setting, and a very likable protagonist.  I hope this is just the first of many novels about realtor/detective Kelly O'Connell! -- Livia J. Washburn, author of the Fresh Baked Mystery series and the Literary Tour Mystery series..

Skeleton in a Dead Space is a must-read for cozy fans. Kelly O’Connell is an engaging realtor with adorable daughters and a talent for trouble. Alter’s mystery debut stands on a lasting foundation of sinister clients and suspect houses. Location, location, location—for murder!—Charlotte Hinger, author of Deadly Descent and Lethal Lineage.

An endearing sleuth, a skeleton behind the spice cupboard, and a fistful of subplots that will keep you guessing. A nicely done debut by an author to watch.--Susan Wittig Albert, author of the China Bayles mysteries

"Enjoy walking in Fort Worth as you follow a profusion of characters in this complicated tale. Wait, as did I, until you reach the very last pages to find the truth of the story. You likely won't figure it out earlier." —Margaret Waring

"I was thoroughly drawn into the story, its twists, turns and layers. Many characters in the story are involved in the mystery, which makes it all the more interesting." —Ruth J. Hartman "

I love reading mysteries, and it is rare to find a book like Skeleton in a Dead Space that is well written AND suspenseful AND difficult to put down. The characters have depth and are interesting, making this wonderful book even better. Definitely worth reading. Great mystery!" —Mrs. Walter, Book Lover 111101

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