Sunday, February 2, 2014

Highlighting Unforgettable Heroes...Zack Graham

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Now That’s a Mystery

I read a review the other day that said most fantasies don’t have a mystery in them, and I began to wonder about that. I’m not sure that’s true, because to me it seems most fantasies have the hero/heroine searching for something. If they don’t know what it is, isn’t that a mystery? Even in my romantic comedies, the main characters are searching for a fundamental truth.  

I have noticed as I write more straight mystery novels and turn to higher adventure fantasies, that the two become inexplicably combined in my fantasies (maybe a touch of magic even shows up in my mysteries). In my work, This Magic Moment, part of the brand new boxed set, Unforgettable Heroes, at the beginning, neither person is filled with wonder, but beaten down by everyday life. The hero and heroine are searching, to no avail, for that one thing that will make them truly happy in their own skin.

To make matters even more interesting, mysterious things begin to happen, like everyone seemingly knowing what they’re doing all the time. How? Photos show up they didn’t know were taken. It appears someone is manipulating them so they’ll stay in the same rooms at night. Who could be behind all the mysterious occurrences they are now experiencing? Piqued your interest? This Magic Moment by Bobbye Terry, writing as Daryn Cross, is available as one of eight books in the Unforgettable Heroes boxed set for only $.99,  now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks and other digital retailers.   

It’s $.99, people!! There’s no mystery behind that deal. Just grab it!!

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