Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Establishing Yourself Under a New Pseudonym

Oh, boy, does it feel strange to be a newbie all over again! After fourteen years of writing with friend and co-writer, Linda Campbell, I have set sail on a new solo voyage under the name Daryn Cross. Although I still have my rights to be called a member of the RWA Published Authors' Network and being on a first-named and friendship basis with some of the mega-stars of romance writing, I am, by virtue of no track record, considered to be "just another" beginning writer. On sites where I don't disclose all my writing history, many who have recently signed a contract, their first, with a small press or even medium press, or someone who is now agented and not yet contracted,will point out I seem to have the basics of writing down pretty well. :-) If not, maybe I ought to consider a career in car mechanics.

But, I will try extremely hard to remain humble, for "humility goeth before the fall." And I remember well the words one published writer told me when I was truly a beginner. "You never know who you're talking to, and you never burn bridges you may have to cross later on down the road."

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