Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moonshine and Astrological Movements

Today I've been reading numerous articles about moonshine and Virginia and I'm feeling absolutely loopy. I feel like I got into some of that "shine, white lightning,moonshizzle, mountain dew, creek water, hooch, squeezings, rot gut, corn liquor." Thankfully,despite the influence,I wrote seven pages on my novel.

Then again, maybe my success at writing may be coming from the imminent conjunction of the annualar solar eclipse and the New Moon. According to a report I get, that has the same potecy as a total solar eclipse. Considering I have three sun signs in my birth chart, it has to give me a boost, right?

Well, think whatever you want. All of us who are writers are simply glad Mercury's coming out of retrograde. No more lost manuscripts, miscommunications and messed up contracts.

Full speed ahead!


  1. Sounds like you have found your groove!

  2. Bobbye, what a coincidence. I've been researching Virginia, too. But mine is for family stuff, not for fiction. I'l love to travel there in person instead of via the internet.