Monday, July 4, 2011

The Marriage Murders Releases

The Marriage Murders released late yesterday at Smashwords and Amazon. All Romance Ebooks and barnes and Noble should follow shortly. To remind you, here are the cover and blurb. The buy links are below that.

Roxie Turner is back in the hot seat when the bridegroom of her latest wedding is pulled from the bay, apparently drowned under questionable circumstances. She’s dead on the scent to find his killer, but has other things to worry about, like the femme fatale who opened the naughty lingerie shop and the witch’s former connection to boyfriend, Greg.

Things heat up further as more people die in Briny Bay, and all from the same wedding party. Is Roxie’s career headed for demise at the same time as her love life?

Read Excerpt here.

Buy Links:


The fiirst book in the series, Buried in Briny Bay, is currently on sale at Smashwords, 50% off for their special summer sale. You can find it here. Make sure you use the code listed for your discount.


  1. Congrats on the new release. I love the cover.

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