Friday, June 24, 2011

The Marriage Murders-Excerpt 2

The release date is only 11 days away! Ready for another excerpt?

“I can’t believe that scene in the diner.” Roxie slammed the butter down into the potatoes. “Marlowe, sweetie. How many years ago was that, Lo?” She made a face as she mimicked Greg’s words. She sloshed the milk in the blender and turned in on high speed, an evil grin on her face.

“Are you making whipped potatoes or emulsified Greg?” Trixie shook her head. “If I’d known you were this disturbed, I’d have had you over to my house for dinner. Floyd could use a good meal. After cooking all day I just can’t seem to do much at night.”

“No way was I going over there. Not on your life. I’m too worked up to tolerate Floyd grunting from his chair and getting you to serve him. It rubs me the wrong way. Especially after the spectacle we witnessed at the diner this afternoon. Why, I came home and almost knitted a whole scarf I was so worked-up. I think Anastasia was getting a little afraid I was going to shave her and use her fur in it.”

“Now, let the poor thing have her long hair. It hides some of her belly fat.” Trixie frowned. “I wonder if that would work for me. Does Monoxidil work on stomachs?”

Roxie rolled her eyes. “Stop getting off the subject. When I want to bash folks, I like to do it all at once and get it out of my system.”

“You mean for twenty-plus years, like you did with Georgia Collins?”

“Trixie, will you stop goading me. This is no laughing matter. My boyfriend almost made love to that woman right under my nose.”

“Question is, does he know he’s your boyfriend? Second question, if Greg and Marlowe ever had a thing, which it appears they had, at least a passing one, is the spark gone or is it in danger of being re-kindled?”

Roxie stomped her foot. “That durned spark is gonna be doused with water and ground under foot and out of existence.”

Trixie cackled. “Well, l I can see this talk has definitely gotten everything out of your system.”

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