Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New You or Fooling Yourself?

It's 2010, a brand new year with exciting possibilities. So, as you started this year off, did you make New Year's resolutions? Did you decide to lose ten, twenty, fifty pounds? Did you decide to start exercising an hour at least three to four times per week? If you're a writer, did you decide that THIS year you would write no less than five pages per day?

For those who answered at least one of these questions with "yes," let me ask you some follow-up questions. For those who decided to lose weight, how many of you pigged out for the last two to three months of 2009, eating far more than normal, with the anticipation of dieting, come Januray 1st?

For those of you who decided to exercise, did you buy a piece of exercise equipment that has already spent more than a few days sitting in the corner of a room or being used as a coat/clothes hanger? Have you already made up an excuse why you missed your hour of work-out on at least one day it had been planned?

For those writers who faithfully pledged five pages per day, did the five pages consist of rewriting pages you'd already written? Did it include five pages of entries on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter? Did you rationalize that you "envisioned" the pages, although they actually haven't been typed or written?

We are all human, and capable of error. Still, to accomplish anything requires hard work, and even more important, determination. So this year, will there be a new you? OR are you just fooling yourself?

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